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The Light Tight Team

Fausto Vergara

Fausto is a Cinematographer and Independent Producer with over five  years of experience as a content creator, both in Web/Digital and Print/Fine art mediums

His work covers most things between stills and moving image.  Some of the areas Fausto has expertise in include:  Advertising, Documentary, ENG,  narrative,  live action, events and live streaming.

"The thing that I enjoy the most about visual storytelling is being able to help someone transform their thoughts and ideas into a solid concept"

Thomas Oliver

Thomas is a photographer with over five years of experience. His specialty is the ability to engage with a wide demographic of people to create a visual narrative.


Thomas has scrupulous attention to details and loves to create still and moving content for editorial, fashion, portraits and corporate head shots. 

"Everything comes down to how the narrative is told through lighting, composition and a connection with the audience. "

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